Why Do We Call Him “Jesus” if His Name Is “Yeshua”?


Jewish people say that our Lord Jesus’ real Hebrew name is “Yeshua”.  If this is true, then why are people worshiping him by the name of “Jesus?


Yeshua is the Hebrew name for the Lord.


It means “Yahweh [the Lord] is Salvation.” The English spelling of Yeshua is “Joshua.” However, when translated from Hebrew into the Greek language, the name Yeshua becomes “Iēsous”. The English spelling for Iēsous is “Jesus.”


The Bible doesn’t give preeminence to one language (or translation) over another. We are not commanded to call upon the name of the Lord in Hebrew only. Acts 2:21 says, “But everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” God knows who calls upon his name, whether they do so in English, Portuguese, Spanish, or Hebrew.


He is still the same Lord and Savior!