About Us

A family of believers seeking the truth and the life

What We Believe

New Covenant Church of Christ relies solely in the true Word of God found in The Holy Bible. We are a bible-based church. We are a non-denominational church. Denominations essentially are a group of denominations specific to religious teachings. (I.E. Baptist, Lutheran, Protestant.) Denominations essentially seem to divide the Body of Christ. By way of what makes us different New Covenant Church of Christ is the exact opposite! We would love nothing more than to pull together as one Body of Christ through –what makes us similar- which is; to share with all, the full power of God’s love! And , the hidden knowledge of the New Covenant as Purposed by the examples and teachings of our Lord & Savior.

Our Vision

We are a very diverse community of believers involved in the single greatest action on planet Earth,.building the Kingdom of God! One believer at a time. You’re expressly, sincerely and lovingly invited to join us as we reach out to our surrounding communities to share with all-the love of Christ!

NEW COVENANT CHURCH OF CHRIST A family of believers seeking the Truth and the Life.