At New Covenant Church of Christ Madison our dedication is to serve one another and to love our neighbors as ourselves.


We have developed a number of ministries designed to encourage, educate, and inspire. Our Youth Leadership Mentoring Program and Community Action Outreach introduces entrepreneurial thinking and skills.  We hope and believe that these efforts will be instrumental in the lives of those who participate and impact many lives for years to come in a positive way.


For the past several years, our Community Development Corporation called “R.E.S.T” (Restoration thru Education and Spiritual Transformation) has formed several local businesses such as Class A Cleaning; CloudCom America/Wisconsin; Class A Lawn Care; Class A Painting.  Putting community and youth to work.


Our latest project is C Thyself Productions below you will find some of the items that have been created to raise funds and produce incomes for those who work in this ministry.


We understand and believe that God has given us all some gift or ability to be a blessing “especially financially” to our families, neighbors, neighborhood and churches.


You too can start your own business.  Trust God, have faith and call for help when needed.